Maintenance of Inflatable Products

An inflatable water park product such as a water trampoline or water slide represents a significant investment. Prior to installing in the spring and after taking out in the fall a little repair and maintenance is well worth the effort.
Water Trampoline Stain and Dirt

Inflate and Maintain The Proper Air Pressure

Maintaining the proper level of inflation is critical for the safe and enjoyable use of inflatable water park products. Under-inflated products flex more during use which can cause user discomfort, reduced bounce height and wear. Over-inflation can cause stress on the seams leading to leaks and permanent damage. Proper inflation will also discourage marine animals from chewing.

Check for proper inflation of your water park product regularly. It may appear soft early in the morning, but will expand once the sun warms it. Digital Pressure Gauge can be very helpful for checking pressure.

It may be necessary to top up the pressure occasionally. A 12v High Speed Inflator is a convenient way of topping up from a boat without pulling it into shore.

Trampoline Stain and Dirt

Clean the PVC Fabric

Dirt, stains, algae and other pollutants can collect on your inflatable product. A clean product not only looks better but stops damaging friction and surface scratches which can reduce the lifespan. Clean using a mild citrus soap such as Lemon Joy liquid dish soap. Do not use petroleum-based cleaners or those with pumice, and never use a power washer. For more stubborn stains, apply Speed Cleanâ„¢ restorer and cleaner, to clean and brighten the PVC fabric. These products are specifically formulated for maintaining inflatable water parks.

Trampoline Sun Damage

Protect Against the Damaging Effects of Sunlight

Even though the material used to make water trampolines and other quality inflatables is initially treated with a UV protectant, long term exposure to sunlight will damage the product. Regularly application of a UV protectant to the exposed surface of the tube, will ensure the life of your product. Poly Guard is an eco-friendly, UV Protectant for PVC, formulated especially for inflatable aquapark equipment. Poly Guard is not the cheapest product out there but, because it is so long lasting, it is the least expensive and best way to maintain your water park.

Water Trampoline Torn Strap Plate

Make Repairs as Soon as Problems Develop

Regularly check and repair handles, rings, straps, springs, mooring lines, ladders and other components to minimize further damage when wear or abuse creates damage or leaks.

  • Keep the straps on attachments tight as loose straps can tear away from the fabric, permanently damaging attachments.
  • Should a problem arise, it’s a simple matter to replace a handle or patch a small leak to ensure your inflatable water park product continues to perform well for many years.
  • Refer to your Product Manual, or Contact Us for help with repairs, parts and service.
Slide Cleaning

End of Season Maintenance and Storage

  • To avoid getting scrapes or pin holes, never drag your inflatable product on shore, against docks or over rocks etc. Lift it out of the water with several people to avoid scuffing.
  • Before storing, place the inflated product on a clean, level area. Clean and allow to dry completely.
  • Apply Poly Guard to the surface of all tubes before deflating.
  • Remove all of the air from the tube using the deflation end of your high speed inflator/deflator or shop vacuum. Fold the deflated tube in thirds then roll loosely.
  • Store the product out of direct sunlight and protected from the environment in a clean, dry location. It is best to store inside a sealed container with moth balls or dryer sheets to prevent damage from rodents.
  • Do not store uncovered, in a damp location, or on concrete surface. Ideally the product should be stored in a heated room.